Album: Welcome to Queersland (1994)

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Song: Puppet Dance

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Monty Blomfield vocals/bass
Andrew Leavold (Stumpy) drums
Cal Crilly guitar

The Monty Blomfield Story

Monty was my best friend.
One of those plotting and composing friends in music that make things happen.
I think I met through Sebastian Neumann (Maggot Death fanzine in the 80's) who's bass amp Alien Virus existed on.
I still have Sebastian's digital delay, gee I'm bad, that's 25 years of borrowing..permanently.
So I went to Sebastian's house a lot for borrowing and Monty lived there along with Sebastian's giant cat Kilgore.

Queer was the band I was enlisted into with Stumpy (Trash Video) in 1992 sometime?
It's a blur.
I feel like we were mercenaries for Monty's music jamboree and plans for a world takeover. Grunge was still in and we could have had our niche..whatever that was.
So Monty played bass and sang in his morose way and the songs were odd.
He played through a 300W amp so in this band I actually had hearing problems after gigs.
Stumpy hits the drums at 110 decibels anyway, I had my 100W bass amp for the guitar up on 8 to compete, we would never have played in the 21st Century due to noise restrictions.
An example was a gig somewhere on the Ric's side of the Brunswick St. Mall in a basement of one of the many Boulder Lodge attempts.
Concrete walls, long, noisy and we played with Bored who were louder, it hurt in a good way.
Possibly at the end of 1992, it's 99 decibels there now.

We practiced in two spots, the old rooms near Triple Zed studios at Queensland Uni, dirt cheap and as long as exams weren't on you were on.
And in Herschel St. there were practice rooms in behind the George St. shops in the dingiest stinkiest shittiest rooms you could think of, low roofs and a 100 years old.
Acid World, Noose, Mortis and Mr. Bastard were other bands there.

Queer was one of those bands that aren't supposed to happen because of the myth that people on different drugs can't be on the same wavelength, all crap of course, just mix some Leos with Scorpios and try that instead for chaos.
But this was a mercenary band and so it did happen.
So Stumpy was pissed, I'd be merrily stoned and Monty unfortunately was smacked off his head on heroin, we never held it against him.
People will probably groan and go useless junkie and yes he was a hopeless junkie but..
He worked for Main Roads as a civil engineer making roads, went to University to study engineering and also had a mortgage on a crappy flat.
He was quite straight on the outside.
He was also an army reservist and over six foot.
And he ran Malignant records his label so he was busy and quite overworked.
Malignant was a rare valve for the noisy odd bands, the not quite punk bands like mine and stuff that would get classed as Indie now, Monty gave us bits of plastic to take home to our CD/Record players and acknowledge that we were real.

So Monty was a too much junkie.
If you haven't known junkies you wouldn't understand the nodding off phenomena.
So I'd practice with Monty and he'd nod off for 5 minutes and begin exactly where he had left off when he'd come to.
It's an amazing phenomena, a junkie girl tried to flog me a stolen amp years ago (it's so 90's) and 7 minutes later she continued with her marketing speel, for 7 minutes I was thinking 'Hide my amp, hide my guitar.can you wake up soon and leave me be?'
Sometimes he did this in the middle of a gig and you're thinking 'How can you do that with Stumpy drumming'
So Monty was getting bad, he even had those itchy scurvy wounds that junkie's get.

Monty found Not From There and decided to put their first CD out with 7 songs.
Queer had a single, there was a great compilation CD called Fuck The White Race that were all made in 1994.
So Monty decided for some silly reason to go on tour to Sydney and Melbourne in August to promote this stuff.
Not From There were going to go but sensibly pulled out.
It was a like space journey, we somehow fitted our gear into a Ford panel van with space for a baby mattress to snooze on behind the front seats.
We went inland in August in a car that had no heater.
When driving the cold would suck the heat out of your boots via the accelerator pedal, it was excruciatingly painful.
I don't think Monty felt pain though.
So we got to Sydney on the 5th of August and played some club near the Sydney University where the people were so dull and the place so tinny they watched sport on the television while the bands played.
I got drunk that night and slept in the car.
When I woke to the usual hangover in the morning I also had a flu, one of those fevers that aches your bones, burns your muscles and sends the brain into hallucinations.
We all got it as we went South.
I still drove to relieve Monty from duties but less and less as the trip progressed.
In Melbourne we stayed with Alan, the Venom P Stinger bass player.
Miraculously he had a lemon tree with lemons in the back yard, I'm sure that's all that stopped our scurvy to get us back to Brisbane.
We played that Friday at The Royal Artillery Hotel to a packed out crowd of punks and skins and blew the place away getting 'gig of the month' with the Au Go Go records review.
I sat in the car and waited until we had to play because I was so ill, I shivered in a blanket, watched cops harassing the skins outside, and just wished them all away.
The next two gigs on the Saturday were lame and barely had a crowd, I don't know what we sold but the tour was a money pit as most tours are, it was a hell road trip.
We rushed back for a gig in Canberra and because I'd say Monty was nodding by this stage he didn't get there on time, the venue had closed up and gone home.
So we hobbled into Sydney and rested the next day in Newtown.
'Rested' for Monty probably really meant 'scored more speed and smack to get back to Brisbane'.
Me and Stumpy rested
We got into Brisbane on the Tuesday morning at 3am.
I still had flu.
Monty did too.
But he took a bit more speed and went off to sort some Main Roads work out.
He worked for two more days.

Now the story has a girlfriend and that was Annique.
Anyhow Annique was Monty's French girlfriend, daughter of a diplomat and drug buddy.
That Wednesday night of the 11th of August 2006 turned to hell.
Retracing steps and I could be wrong it seems Monty had not enough smack to sleep and was waiting for a dealer's call.
He took Mogadon's? He had scurvy. He needed sleep.
Annique was suicidal, took some pills, left a note and Monty woke up to a seemingly dead Annique?
He got his dealer's call and scored.
Then he went back home to join Annique for good and never woke up.
It was all a bit too Romeo and Juliet.

I got the call from Annique the next day and sank, she went into a psych ward and I got her out the next week.
She stayed with Stumpy until she hopped on a plane back to Europe.
Monty parents did not take kindly to the news.
The flat was stripped of any Malignant label CD's and merchandise and it all went to the rubbish tip.
We managed to negotiate the saving of Not From There's CD saying to his parents that they had nothing to do with Monty and were just a band he put out.
Me and Stumpy were not allowed to the funeral.
Monty has a square block for his grave at Albany Creek Cemetery.
I've lost the address and it never had an engraving.

Me and Stumpy are still traumatized but..
..Queer made hell of a good racket.

Look up my other bands Helical Sun, Star Sludge, Alien Virus, Escape from Toytown and Acid World here, Cal